Meet the Co-founders of Hope & Whimsy Co.

Kamdon Callaway & Carrie J.

Our Story
We believe you should be surrounded by people and things that bring you Joy. It is our mission and Hope to create and fill our shop with offerings of art, books, and whimsies that lift the spirit in a meaningful and joyful way. Just doing our best to add a bit o' whimsy to your day! 

Writer & Creative Director, Carrie J.

Carrie earned a BA in English and then went on to spend many years working in the creative realms of both fashion and film. Through her work, she found herself increasingly devoted to characterization, and creating a compelling story-behind-the-story in each of her projects. She is thrilled to be able to bring this same passion and devotion to the playful, imaginative world of writing children's books, as well as creatively directing the Hope and Whimsy Co brand. 

Born in the Deep South, Carrie has transplanted her Georgian roots numerous times living on both east and west coasts, but has currently settled them in the rocky soil of Central Oregon. She now lives on a farm with her husband, four young children, a stubborn mare and cheeky mini pony, and a lovable cat and Labrador. When she isn't working on her next children's book, her time is swallowed whole by a great big beautiful Life of children, farm life, laundry, and trying very hard (but not super successfully) to grow things.


Artist, Illustrator & Designer, Kamdon Callaway

Kamdon has a BFA in Art and an extensive, wide-ranging portfolio of art and design projects under her belt. Of all her numerous and varied creative endeavors, she considers illustrating children's books one of her greatest joys. It utilizes her love and talent for taking the mere essence of an idea and translating that into living, breathing splashes of vivid, whimsical tale!

Kamdon lives in the bustling mountain town of Bend, Oregon. She shares her home, she lovingly calls “The Ranch,” with her two children, four dogs, and three chickens. She recently transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom, to a single-mom and full-time professional artist. When Kamdon isn't designing on location or illustrating in her studio, you will still likely find her covered in paint (or fabric swatches, or cake icing) as her desire to Create is an ongoing, daily matter of importance to her. (Tidiness, however, is not.)